V300 Automatic Continuous Waistband Unit

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V300 Automatic Continuous Waistband Unit

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Added Date  :  29 Haziran 2018


Automatic continuous waistband attaching unit for jeans, casual trousers and denim jackets. Machine entirely manufactured in Italy and equipped with Vi.Be.Mac. sewing head. Remarkable simplicity of design, improvement in speed, electronic control of fabric transport, extremely easy solutions and many other features, make the V300 a perfect unit which can meet every kind of fashion requirement coming from the trousers and jeans producers.








Technical features:










Plier for a perfect cut. Direct drive, which is able to achieve greater ef ciency, reducing consumption. Electronics with a more intuitive and completely renovated user interface, entirely developed by Vi.Be. Mac. Improved performances valves.










The sewing head of V300 unit is available with the following technical features: