CSU-8671/8672 Series

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CSU-8671/8672 Series

Category  :  Golden Wheel

Added Date  :  02 Temmuz 2018


CSU-8671/8672 Series

Single Needle, Unison Feed, Flatbed Sewing Machine. (Automatic undertrimming & backtacking, pneumatic presser foot lifting)(Extra-large hook)(For heavy materials) (Large type)



The button switch with the immobile function, utilizing the small round button B, could change the function of square button A to the touch-control switch C, easy operation. The newly designed undertrimming mechanism, applied with the close up type of lubrication, could decrease the wornout of parts & increase the working efficiency. The special movement mechanism of bobbin case opener (1 stitch 1 movement stroke), with the slowdown type of closing, could lower strike-sound & avoid the wornout of parts.




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